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Manahawkin, NJ USA

Anthony Morici

We believe that we are uniquely positioned to serve you and your community by helping keep your families healthy, safe and out of panic mode.

We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to share further about the service we can provide to ensure that your entire facility is clean and your environment is safe and clear of airborne toxins and viruses.

For an immediate free quote; text or email your name, business, location and square feet of the facility.

1. True Deep Cleanse

We use a fogger as the vehicle in which to apply our product and will get into every nook and cranny of your space.  The challenge with a traditional approach to a deep cleanse, done by even a cleaning professional, would result in human error and would leave surfaces untouched.

2. 90 Day Residual Barrier of Protection

We will provide a layer of protection for up to 90 days on non-use surfaces and up to 7 days on high traffic surfaces.  The high traffic surfaces, like doorknobs, will require the normal cleaning maintenance.  The difficulty with traditional cleaners is that they don’t have any residual barrier, they simply clean the viruses that are on the surface and as soon as that  surface is compromised, the virus can live. Our process creates a barrier of protection for 7-90 days.

3. Dwell Time

Our fogger will lay a wet material, that is then left alone to air dry, and will leave an unnoticeable film that will kill any virus that comes into contact with it.  Other traditional applications of cleaners are wiped on and off, are never allowed to dry and do not provide this barrier. 

4. 99.99999%

Yes, this is the actual number. The COVID-19 is an envelope virus. Which means, that unless your cleaner has the capacity to break through the envelope surrounding the virus, the cleaner cannot kill the virus. There are many types of cleaners that do not break through this envelope (you may want to check your cleaners). The size of the envelope spore is .003 microns and for every “9” past the decimal point in 99.99999% is one million microbes, which means that our product is 4 X’s more effective than most cleaners. We are unapologetic for being cleaner-geeks, but nobody kills it like we do.

As fellow members of the community, we are as concerned as you are regarding the recent COVID-19 outbreak. We join you in asking ourselves how we can best keep safe and protect those we serve.

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